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Academic Support

All sessions will be conducted virtually.

Young Scholar Literacy Services, LLC (YSLS) offers two tutoring packages: 6 weeks (only offered during the summer), and 10 weeks (offered during the regular school year). We accept Supplemental Special Education Services (SSES) clients at any time during the year and these clients are not subject to our regular registration dates for upcoming tutoring sessions.  All tutors are Texas-certified teachers with years of classroom teaching experience. 

Registration for the Spring I,10-week tutoring period opens Monday, February  26, 2024, and will close on Friday, March 15. Tutoring sessions begin Monday, March 18, 2024. To begin the registration process, there is a $75.00  non-refundable registration fee (annual). The first payment, in addition to the registration fee, and a written agreement must be signed and received to secure your registration and begin tutoring services. Contact us at 209.683.7507  to get started. 



Annual Registration Fee


Late Registration Fee

$30.00 (in addition to the regular registration fee).

Regular 1-hour session

$75.00 per session /  Two or more weekly sessions $65.00 per session​

*** Additional children in the same home***

$65.00 per session

ARD or 504 meetings support 

$150.00 (an additional $75.00 will be applied if meetings exceed 1 hour). 


  *** Non-client Services***

(A brief 1-time phone/video meeting to understand a specific concept.) 

1-hour academic consult.  

$75.00 per session

ARD or 504 meetings support

$200.00 (an additional $75.00 will be applied if meetings exceed 1 hour). 


Monthly and bi-weekly payment options are available.


All sessions will take place Monday-Thursday and begin no later than 7:30 pm. 

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