Free Tutoring Opportunity 2023

We are currently accepting applications through January 3, 2023, for 10 weeks of FREE tutoring with one of our Texas-certified teachers. We are looking to provide services for one middle school and one elementary student. Please send your application packet to

Application packet must include the following:

  1. Proof of grade level (grades 3-8 only/latest report card).

  2. Proof of attending a Title 1 school (latest report card).

  3. A recommendation letter from the scholar's teacher or other school staff (principal, counselor) from that Title 1 school.


  1. Currently have a C or lower grade average in math and/or reading, English Language Arts.

  2. Live in an economically disadvantaged zip code (if chosen, provide proof of address such as a current electric bill, etc).

*Former/current YSLS clients are not eligible*